Yoga for weight loss: Know the Truth!

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November 26, 2017
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Yoga is an ancient practice that promotes a healthy way of living uniting the mind, body and soul. Yoga has no restrictions on age, it can be duly performed by any age group. With the growing trend of people to get in shape, the necessity of Yoga has taken a step forward as everybody wants to look like an hourglass or a normal body shape that attracts some attention. But what is necessary is to let you know that Yoga is an age-old practice that has never targeted weight loss instead it focuses on the habits that contribute towards weight gain, hindering them and aiming at making the body fit. Being fit doesn’t necessarily means that you have to possess a perfect shaped figure, it means you perform your everyday habits with ease and by avoiding any injury.


Yoga increases flexibility in the body where you twist your body, bend backward and forward, gain strength with no injury to the muscles and ligaments. With flexibility, you also enjoy being able to perform all kinds of poses that helps you remain fit and get away from obesity as that is a danger zone. Yet there are Yoga poses that have helped a lot of people lose weight, unwanted weight, keeping them unfit. Listed below are a few important asana’s that have resulted in burning down fat that various parts of our body store, they are as follows: –

  • Surya Namaskar:It is a well-known Asana that enables the flexibility of all our body parts because this Asana comprises of twelve poses which are different and involve the working of various body parts. Being flexible enables your body to be in shape and lose weight.
  • Veerabhadrasana: This exercise is performed by stretching one of our legs back and the other forward maintaining a lunge position where your knee is placed in a ninety degree position, stretch your hands above your head. This position is also known as warrior pose that effectively works for your legs, thighs, arms.
  • Trikonasana: An Asana that works fine for your arms and thighs, place your legs wide apart and place both your hands wide apart, then turn towards your left side trying to touch your left feet with the left hand stretched and the right hand stretched upwards and similarly do it with your right hand while you left hand is stretched upward.
  • Purvottanasana: This pose is also referred to as Upward plank where you sit down with both legs stretched at the front, place your hands behind your hips pointing it towards your feet and slowly lift your body from the tailbone and raise your head as well, just the opposite of Push-ups. This exercise benefits your back, spine, shoulders and arms. It strengthens your inner muscles and hips.
  • Boat pose: Lie down on your back and pull up your upper body and legs in a V position resembling that of a boat and try keeping this position for 10 seconds or so and then keep increasing the time as you keep performing this exercise time and again. It is very much beneficial to tone down your belly, and strengthens stomach muscles. This pose kills the fats present in our belly region.
  • Bridge Pose: An exercise to tone your thighs, hips and stomach, removing the excess fat in those regions. To perform this exercise, lie down on your back placing your hands stretched both sideways. Try raising your body from the pelvic region and hold this position for some time.
  • Simhasana: To burn some facial fat, this exercise is the best ever applied. All you need to do is sit in a lion pose and stick your tongue out with your spine stretched. This exercise makes your double chin go away way too quickly with this much of little effort.
  • Chaturanga Dandasana: This pose is also known as Low plank pose where with the help of your both the hands placed firmly on the ground, you lift your body up along with your head and maintain the position for some time. This pose tones your muscles, arms and gives you the biceps and triceps you have always wanted to have. But always perform this exercise when you have been trained by a yoga instructor and do not perform this if you have any shoulder or hip injury.
  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana:An Asana to promote arm muscle strength and helps in maintaining a body weight, equally tones your arms, biceps and triceps. Lie down on your stomach placing your hands stretched sideways, not firmly place it on the ground and lift your body till the pelvic region while your hips and legs lie down straight. Stay in the same position for a few seconds and repeat again in desired intervals. This pose is popularly known as an Upward Facing Dog Pose.

Adopt it as a lifestyle that will change your life both mentally and physically, and you are surely going to enjoy this journey.

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