Yoga Poses For A Working Woman To Increase Stamina

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October 2, 2017
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October 2, 2017

Yoga is a powerful option to bring the lost calm and vigor to your body, and this becomes exceptionally important in the case of women.

The sedentary lifestyle that we follow and the hectic lives that we have, it becomes all the more necessary for women to have a lot of stamina to go through their day energetically.

They need stamina not just to overpower hurdles in their professional life but also to balance their home front equally efficiently. But, with so much happening throughout the day, women hardly get any time to exercise or meditate. Thus, the tranquillity, stamina, and peace they need to have a blissful life can be achieved through yoga only.

The best thing about yoga for working women is that they do not need any tools and can perform the yoga poses anytime, anywhere. Even if they get just 10 minutes at night, they can perform some simple yoga poses from the comfort of their room.

Therefore, we have listed six easy yoga poses that can be performed anywhere and they will do wonders to boost your stamina.

Boat Pose   

Boat pose or naukasana might make your body tremble with pain in thighs and stomach, but once you learn to maintain balance, it will improve your stamina to hold the pose for long. The strong will to hold your legs for a longer period will ultimately build your stamina, and yes, it will help in cutting down extra fat as well.

Straddle Pose

The straddle pose will require you to spread your legs apart while stretching and keeping your hands parallel between the legs. This will bring some pain in your thighs, but if you manage to hold the position for five minutes, you will be able to hold it for stronger, which will be your first step towards improved stamina.

Child Pose

Child pose or balasana needs you to sit on your buttocks and then lower down your torso in front so that your nose will touch the surface beneath. Hands will remain stretched in front to ensure complete stretching of back and spine. This pose will bring relief from any kind pain and fatigue in back muscles.

Bridge Pose

Those who can hold the bridge pose for five minutes comfortably are known to have strong stamina. You must aim to increase the duration of this pose with every session to build up your stamina. This yoga pose is also helpful in relieving any tension in neck, spine and chest muscles. Bridge pose also relieves digestion and sore leg problems.

Plough Pose

In plough pose, you need to lie straight on your back while raising both your legs upwards. Your feet should end up resting on the back of your head. The plough pose comes with many advantages along with its stamina boosting properties. It will tone your lower body, will strengthen your neck, shoulder, and back and will also improve your immune system.

Goddess Pose

Goddess pose can not only boost your stamina but can also help in relieving the menstrual pain. Stand erect on the floor with your feet parted on sides. Bend your legs to form a 45-degree angle and try to increase the distance gradually. You can also stretch your arms during this pose.

If you perform any 3 of these asanas every day for 5 minutes each, you will need only 15 minutes to work on building your stamina. Surely, you can make that much time for yourself in a day!

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