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October 14, 2017
Eight limbs of Yoga
October 14, 2017

Between the hectic lifestyles today and constant office pressure, we devote little time to consider the health impacts of such a routine. The constant sitting position contributes to a stiff and dull body. For those with such routines, yoga has innumerable, proven health benefits such as improved mental focus and flexibility. Despite being aware of this, we are sometimes hesitant to take to yoga also because we feel the asanas may be tough to master. Practicing yoga at the office has its own benefits as it gives break to a routine body posture. There are many yogasanas that can be performed while you are at your office desk. Given below are few of them.

  1. Utkatasana

This pose can be defined as the chair pose since the posture resembles sitting on a chair with hands held upwards. Stand at the side of your chair. Raise your hands straight. Then shift to a sitting pose as if you are sitting on a chair. After few seconds, stand up in a relaxed position and repeat. This asana improves body posture and balance and helps in toning the abdomen and thighs.


Precautions: Avoid this pose if you are suffering from knee problems and arthritis.


  1. Ardha Chakrasana

This can be termed as the half wheel pose. Stand straight. Stretch your hands up and bend backward. Release the posture after few seconds and repeat. This asana strengthens the chest and back muscles and the ankle.


Precautions: Avoid doing this asana if you have hip, spine, or brain-related ailments or high blood pressure.


  1. Ardha Uttanasana

This can be termed as the standing half forward bend pose. Stand straight. Stretch your hands up. Keeping your legs straight, bend forward at right angle. This posture corrects body alignment, strengthens ankles, enhances toe grip, and improves digestive functionalities.


Precautions: People suffering from sciatica, neck, knee, and back injuries or surgeries should avoid this pose.


  1. Katichakrasana

This can also be termed as the standing spiral twist pose. Stand straight with your legs apart. Hold your left shoulder with right hands. Take your left hands behind your body and hold your right waist. Turn your upper body facing your left towards your back. After few seconds release and do vice-versa. This pose stretches and relaxes the abdomen and spine.


Precautions: People suffering from back and neck ailments should avoid this exercise.


  1. Desk chaturanga

This is simply yoga pushups with help of your desk. Rest your arms on the side edge of the desk. Support your feet against the edges of walls and perform the pushups. This asana relaxes the neck muscles and strengthens arm muscles. It also helps in keeping the spine erect.


Precautions: Those with arthritis or any joint ailments should not practice this pose.


In conclusion

If you are suffering from any major injuries, ailments or surgeries, it is good to consult a doctor before doing any of the above poses. Doing yoga at work space can be as easy as practicing at home. A wise selection of asanas is important. Practicing these asanas regularly throughout the day will keep posture-induced ailments at bay.

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