Yoga Poses To Cure Back Pain

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The laid back and sedentary lifestyle that we lead make us prone to several health conditions that can put a lot of pressure on or spine and back.

We tend to ignore the pain that we experience in our lower back areas until it starts screaming at a chronic level for immediate attention. Even though the pain can be temporary, the care that our spine needs on a daily basis should be consistent.

Yoga for back pain is the most feasible care option that one can opt for to keep the discomfort and pain at bay. Though medical supervision is recommended if the pain has reached the chronic stage, practicing yoga on a daily basis can help in preventing the back and spine pain for good. In addition to bringing the strength to the back, the yoga poses discussed in this post can also help in improving blood circulation in spinal nerves.

Below are the most effective yoga poses to keep a check on back and spine pain.

Cat-Cow Pose – Marjaryasana

Cat Pose Cat and cow pose is excellent for giving some massage to the spine and stretching the back completely in alignment with the torso. The cat and cow pose is also often referred to as the ‘keep your back limber and happy asana’ by yoga experts.

Spinal Twist Pose – Matsyendrasana

Though there are a lot of twisting poses in yoga that you can perform on a regular basis to bring some relief from the persisting back pain. But, if you are new to yoga poses for back pain then it is advisable to start with the spinal twist pose. It is a basic twist pose that does not put much strain on the back muscles but can bring relief to the back pain. The stretch that it provides to the back muscles makes the nerves relaxed and also improves the flow of energy.

Downward Dog Pose – AdhoMukhaSvānāsana

Surely, one of the iconic poses in yoga methodology to bring relief from chronic pains, the downward dog pose is much more than just being a yoga pose for back pain relief. Performing this pose on a regular basis can rejuvenate the entire body, thus bringing relaxation to neck muscles, back, and the shoulder as well. This pose can also be a great healer tension and strain.

Child’s Pose – Balasana

If you want to relax your body after a tiring day, then the child’s pose is a great way to do that without putting in much effort. It can give the required stretch to your entire back and hip muscles. You will also be relieved from the fatigue your back muscles must be experiencing after the long and tiring sitting hours at work. The problem of back pain can be averted, only if we remember to provide enough stretch and strength to the back muscles. Preventing any discomfort to the pine muscles through yoga poses for back pain can be a key to having pain free life. So, instead of forcing your body into postures that bring more discomfort and pain to the back, try this simple yet beneficial yoga poses before your back problem seeks immediate medical attention.

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