Yoga Poses To Cure Constipation

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September 27, 2017
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September 27, 2017

When we think of yoga, the first thing that comes to our mind is relaxation and deep bouts of stretches that help in toning muscles. But as per ancient Indian medical science called Ayurveda, yoga can do a lot more than that.

Performing certain kind of yoga asana can decrease the risk of depression, can reduce the inflammation levels, prevent heart failure, and protect against several other health conditions.

Not many have known this fact, but yoga can have a significant positive effect on your gut health. Common gut problems like constipation, gas and poor digestion are often caused because of our unhealthy eating habits, hectic schedules, and impending stress. They weaken our digestive system and lead to hardened or loose stools and improper bowel movements. Thus, finding a solution to it in yoga can bring relief to digestive problems.

The Bowel Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is known for managing the stress response in the body, which is directly related to the digestion health. Performing some stomach twisting poses can give massage to your digestive organs, which increases the blood flow, improves delivery of oxygen and also encourages the movement of stools in the system. Regular practice of yoga can lead to regular and healthy bowel function.

So, if you are also looking for a natural solution to your regular constipation problem then performing the described poses can help you bring some relief.

Spine Twisting

One of the favorite poses among yoga enthusiasts for treating constipation is spine twisting. They say it helps in expelling the waste from the body, improve the movement of food and also improves the blood flow in the digestive system.

How To Perform

·         Lie straight on your back and try to bring your legs to your chest.

·         Once both your legs are on the chest, extend your left leg out.

·         Start bending your right leg on the left of your body, make sure your shoulders remain straight and on the floor.

·         Look on the right side, hold for 20 seconds and then return to starting position.

·         Repeat the posture five times on either side.

Matsyasana Twist

Matsyasana twist aids in stimulating the digestive system while detoxifying body of harmful toxins.

How To Perform

·         Sit comfortably with your legs stretching out

·         Now bend your left leg to cross it over your right knee and place your left foot on the floor

·         Bend your right knee to tuck your right foot under your butt

·         Your right should be on your left knee while you are twisting your body.

·         Look over your left shoulder and hold the position for 10 seconds

·         Repeat on the other side and perform five times on both sides

Crescent Twist

The crescent twist provides your body the most substantial twisting than any other yoga pose.

How To Perform

·         Begin with the lunges position where you’re your foot should be directed on the knee and you will be standing on the ball of your back foot

·         Keep your other leg straight and place your hands in the prayer position

·         Now twist your torso towards your bent leg while pressing your arm on the outside of the same

·         Hold position for 10 seconds and then come out of it to switch the sides

Fifteen minutes of these yoga poses daily can put an end to your constipation worries. However, it is advisable to consult your physician before beginning anything.

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