Yoga Poses To Do While Sitting In Office

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Spending 60 minutes a few days a week to perform yoga asanas is certainly going to help in many ways. It will assist in maintaining a healthy body, will keep stress at bay and will also help in dealing with tensions positively. But, what to do when you are very overly stressful during a tough day at work?

The long sitting hours of a desk job and the work pressure often lead to lumbar spine pain or mental stress, which leaves your upper body, chest, hips, neck, and shoulders uncomfortable with pain.

To combat this tough time at work, here are some simple yoga sequences that you can do at the office to relieve stress and to maintain a safe distance from back pain.

Seated Crescent Moon Pose   

As we keep hunching over the computer all day, by the end of the day, our side body starts collapsing, which leads to discomfort in shoulder and neck area. The seated crescent moon pose can fix the side body and help you move back to your seat with erected spine, clear mind, and sharp focus.

Wrist and Finger Stretches

Continuous working on computer builds up tension in your fingers, hands and wrist muscles as well as tendons. Performing simple wrist and finger stretches can improve the blood flow in these parts. Try doing these simple stretches after every two hours to release tension.

Chair Pigeon Pose

We tend to sit one leg crossed on our office chair but doing do for a long time can create an imbalance in your spine and hip muscles. Performing chair pigeon pose can bring the balance back.

Sit and Stand Chair Pose

Seating for all day makes our glutes and hamstrings lose the motivation to get back and up, and we mostly rely either on our back muscles or even neck to bring our body to the standing position. The two part sit and stand pose brings the motivation to get up back in your hamstring muscles.

Desk Chaturanga

You can use your desk to gain support for yoga pushups. Doing a few rounds of desk Chaturanga twice or thrice a day can make your neck muscles to relax while bringing energy back to your arms.

Desk Upward Dog Pose

Once you are done finishing your chaturanga pose you need to do something to open up your chest and shoulder muscles. Desk upward dog pose will relax the shoulder and back muscles and will also give some ironing to your rounded upper back, which is a result of seating across a computer all day. Desk Plank Pose No, we are not asking you to climb on your desk for full plank pose. Instead, you just need to take the support of your desk to get in standing plank pose for some quick spine and hamstring stretching.

If you are unable to take a few minutes for some deep breaths during the work day to clear your mind, then do these yoga exercises to give much-needed stretch to your body. So, what are you doing, get up, start working out and your body will thank you later!

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