Yoga Vs Gym: Which Is Better To Stay Fit

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To stay healthy, active and in the best of your health, you must include some or the other kind of physical activity in your daily life. While there are a plethora of options available, like gym, yoga, sports, dance classes, the dilemma remains which one to choose.

Yoga has been gaining a lot of popularity of late because of its several health benefits, but the regular gym goers are a still bit reluctant to pick up yoga as a healthy alternative to their strenuous gym sessions. Though, it’s hard to subside the confusion. Still, we have tried to figure out the main benefits of yoga and gym to understand which is better for whom.

Yoga: Practiced by Indian saints for more than centuries ago, yoga was meant to help them stay strict with their meditation. Today, people are using yoga as an ancient technique to bring spiritual enlightenment and also to keep their mind and body fit.

Gym: Regular gymming sessions tend to put the body under rigorous workout that helps in burning calories efficiently. It also brings flexibility to the body as well as to the mind.

Apart from this major definition, yoga can help in controlling the fickle mind and can also regulate your emotions. Yogic meditation can improve your focus toward your life goals, which is crucial to be successful in life. If you want to relieve stress and attain mental peace, yoga can be of great help. Thus, it can be concluded that yoga not only burns calories but can also regulate your mind greatly.

Benefits of Yoga

•    Keeps you active throughout the day

•    Improves blood circulation

•    Promotes nutrition supply within the body that helps in releasing toxins

•    Improves bowel movement, thus curing constipation

•    Helps in keeping you stress-free

•    Makes your mind resistant to factors that can cause stress, thus keeping you cheerful

•    Helps in gaining control over your mind and body

•    Minimizes chances of falling ill

•    You can perform yoga easily at a garden, home or rooftop, no equipment required

Benefits of Gym

•    Keeps muscles fit and in shape

•    Helps in relieving stress and makes body tissues resistant to factors that may lead to stress

•    Increases appetite thus making you eat more

•    Promotes healthy weight loss and burn extra calories during workout in gym

Major Differences Between Yoga Vs Gym

The major differences between the ancient yoga and modern gymming can be summed up in the following:

·         Yoga helps in staying fresh, energetic and pleasant, whereas, gymming keeps you healthy, energetic and stiff.

·         Once can perform yoga ay any place without any equipment, but you need proper equipment and gym accessories to reap the benefits of gym.

·         Yoga has no withdrawal effect if discontinued after a certain period of time. On the other hand, gym has higher chances of withdrawal effect.

·         People of any age group can perform yoga, whereas older people and patients suffering from heart diseases and blood pressure are advised not to opt for gymming.

·         Yoga is less expensive as compared to gym as it can be performed without accessories. Gym not only involves the cost of accessories but the trainer fees is also included.

After so much introspection, it can be quickly concluded that yoga is meant for everyone, while not all can go to a gym to reap its benefits. The body control that yoga brings stays in the body physiology to a great extent, whereas the control of the exercise stays for a smaller extent. However, if you are aiming to have muscles then surely gym is a better option. Yoga is meant to stay in shape and keep your mind balanced. Thus it may not give the desired results for bodybuilding.

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