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November 25, 2017
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November 25, 2017

A pain in the body can be an irritating thing completely taking you off the schedule. Be it an injury, muscle pulls or a cramp pain – the healing is very necessary and needs immediate response.


Traditionally all physiotherapists and doctors take in measures which are bend on the Yogic poses. While the doctors may recommend a list of medicines, they would still focus on some stretches and yoga asanas which helps the body heal from within. While the medicines would help you recover faster, the yoga poses are actually the thing which would support you lifelong.

However, if you are dealing with some muscle pulls or chronic pain – practice these yoga asanas under the guidance of a certified Yoga Teacher.

  1. Ease out the back pain with cobra pose

The Cobra pose makes one rest down completely while stressing on the back muscles and letting it stretch properly so that your back can become straight and the chakras are activated.

Cobra Pose: lie on the yoga mat with your face down and place your hands on both sides of the ribcage. Let your legs rest and reach back with toes pointed outside. Now lift your head and let it slide back as much as possible with your hand strength while letting your leg be relaxed. Try to look towards the sky and hold for about 5 to 10 breaths and then slowly release to go back to normal. Repeat the process at least thrive for the best experience!


  1. Kandharasana for thighs, legs and back muscle pulls

Kandharasana or the shoulder pose is one of the easiest yogic poses which lets you stretch the muscles and ease out the pain. This is also helpful in removing stiffness of the body and giving your back a lot of relaxation.

Kandharasana (shoulder pose): Lie on your back and fold your legs at knees. Now hold both the ankles with your respective hands. When you are ready just inhale and start raising your hip upwards until you form an inverted curve and your body is at full stretch. Hole the pose for about 10 to 20 seconds and get back to the normal pose exhaling the breath. Repeat the process for about 3-4 times to find an instant relief.


  1. Salabhasana (Locust pose) for shoulder, stomach and leg muscle pulls

Locust pose is one of the most practiced Yogic poses for putting your body posture into line and achieving a full body balance. This might be tough for the beginners but when you start practicing – the benefits are many. This also lets you lose out on a lot of belly fat.

Salabhasana (locust pose): just lie on the yoga mat with your face down and let your body rest. Not put the arms parallel to the body with your palms towards the ceiling. Slowly inhale and raise both your legs, hands and even your head to practically just lie on your stomach. The stomach shall feel all the pressure. Hold the pose for about 10 seconds or more and slowly exhale while returning to the resting position. Do this for 3 times and then rest.


  1. Dhanurasana (bow pose) for best body stretch

If you have spinal cord problems, leg muscle pulls, stomach aches or even uneasiness in the body muscles, this is one asana which shall give an all-round healing effect. The pose is not so easy and might take days to practice it to the optimum but when under the expert guidance – practice it for healing.

Dhanurasana (bow pose): Lie flat on your stomach and rest your head on the floor. Now slowly bend your leg by the knees towards the sky in the backward position. Hold the raised ankles and set your body for the pull. Start stretching the body and raising the body in the form of an inverted curve with the help of your hand and legs holding together! This will bring all the pressure on your stomach and all the strength on your hands. Look up and stay for 10 seconds. Slowly exhale and start returning to resting position. Repeat thrice for best results.


  1. Butterfly pose for the abdomen muscle pulls

Often while working out or running errands, we experience muscle pulls in the abdomen and don’t really have a solution to it. Butterfly position heals the muscle around the pelvic area and thighs to get the best of relief. It is also good for women and their fertility problems.

Butterfly pose: Sit on the yoga mat with both your legs stretched in the front. Now bring the soles of the foot together and hold the feet with your hands. Because your pelvic area and the thighs are at good stretch here they might not entirely touch the round. Raise the thighs upwards and flap it to the floor. Move both the legs in the form of butterfly wings. Let the movements be gentle and easy. Do for 5 minutes and then rest.

The cited yogic asanas are perfect aids to muscle pulls – practice and heal!


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